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Yoga and Pilates in Schuman Area at the Heart of Brussels

Vinyasa Yoga and Pilates Collective Classes

Private Couching Available in Demand Tailored to your Needs







Pilates with Props

Studio 51


Pilates with Props

Orsi Home Studio


Pilates with Props

Serenity Bar



Yoga Vinyasa Studio 51

Pilates Reformer

Brussels Yoga Pilates


Yoga Vinyasa Serenity Bar


Pilates Mat

Brussels Yoga Pilates


Pilates Reformer

Brussels Yoga Pilates

Group of students performing a warrior pose in a yoga class

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We offer different promotional packages for our classes and private coaching

Our Services

Group classes in Yoga and Pilates at the heart of Brussels, in Schuman and Merode area

Private coaching session tailored to your needs. Contact us for more info

Online videos in Yoga, Pilates and LBT for those who want to practice at home or on the road

We offer various options for in-company collective classes, team building events, facilitated workshops, and company-sponsored coupons at the studio. Contact us for a tailored proposal!

Indoor Yoga Class

Fitness Courses and Private Coaching

We are offering Yoga, Pilates and fitness collective classes in a small group fashion and dedicated private sessions. Our team of experienced teachers will ensure that your learning is safe and you are receiving a lot of attention in order to progress the best possible way.

Online Fitness Programs and Tutorials

We provide specialized programs in Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness aimed to achieve specific goals. They go from Yoga Backbends, Pilates Routines and Workout, and Fitness Videos aimed at toning and shaping your body. Pick from over different tutorials and programs, suitable for total beginner and intermediate, to practice at home or on the road.

Online Yoga

About Us

At the Studio Harmony we are offering Pilates and Yoga classes in group and private fashion. Our collective classes are taking part in the beautiful and ventilated rooms. You can also book a private session with any Pilates or Yoga coach from our team. 


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Studio Harmony

Charles-Maurice Wiserplein 7, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgique

Tel: +32485213795

Email: orsiyogapilates@gmail.com

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