Private Coaching

Get a personalized workout program from any member of our multi disciplinary team to help you achieve your fitness objectives

Dedicated Training Sessions

Would you like to receive a personalized attention and adapted workout of a coach? Do you feel like you would like to get a deeper understanding of how to move?


Most people, while training alone lose their motivation and cannot keep up the regularity. The help of personalized attention will get you going when you are stocked and will help you to find the routine which is the safest for you.


Learning to enjoy movement is also a great first step of keeping regularity and build sport into your busy life.  Rather the goal is weight loss, injury rehabilitation, working on your posture or at your strength, post or pre-natal training; our personal coaches can help you achieving your goal and ensure the safety of your train.

Make a Reservation

You can book online any of our massage services. Please keep in mind that they need to be done at least 2 hour before the appointment