Face Massage

Wellness Treatments

Sofitel Wellness offers you a beautiful luxurious escape place with delicious massages and reflexology treatments. Select and book your favorite treatments by reserving your space online.


Whether you are looking for a massage to restore and release aching muscles, or to just relax and dewind you are at the perfect place. Find your urban getaway and let our multilingual / multinational expert team to assist you. Take this opportunity as a luxurious little and calm escape and at the busy European Quartier at our spa.

Indulge yourself with massage treatments helping to release your body and mind improve blood and lymph flow and therefore strengthen your immune system.  Massage is ancient medicine. Your strength and well-being is even more crucial in these periods than ever.

Classical Massages

Classical Californian massage that helpful
to relieve muscular tension, brings energy and wellbeing. This type of massage can be exercise in different body parts.

Special Treatments

Different type of exclusive treatments which will leave your body soothed and relaxed, while it
restores and balances your mind.

Make a Reservation

You can book online any of our massage services. Please keep in mind that they need to be done at least 2 hour before the appointment